Friday 30 January 2015

Weekly Weigh in and Food diary - Week 3

Another week where I feel like I haven't done very well. I can't get my head in the game lately and everything I eat seems to bloat me. Also, after the gym I always come out really bloated - does anyone else get this?! It's annoying and makes me feel like it's not worth it. Anyway onto the food...

B - Weetabix muffins with nutella, an apple and a skinny latte from Starbucks.
L - Sweet potato curry and rice and veg. The curry sauce was blended mushy peas, chopped tomatoes and curry powder and some chilli (it tastes good trust me!).
D - I had "fake kfc" basically chicken thighs rubbed in spices and breadcrumbs with home cooked chips and salad.
S -  I snacked on a banana and some buttercream whilst making a cake haha.
E - Gym today, I did a 45 minute walk/run on the treadmill, Leg press 10 reps x 4 sets 75lbs, Hip Adduction 10 reps x 4 sets 55lb. 

B - Raisin Bran and semi skimmed milk with an apple.
L -  A cheese scone and flora.
D - Dad's birthday tea! We had prawn cocktail for starters, then chicken chasseur, then banana split for tea.
S -  It was someone's birthday at work again so I had some cake.. oops! And my dad's birthday so more cake. Oh dear. 
E - Just general walking about at work and on my lunch.

B - Chewy bar.
L -  Out for lunch with my boyfriend today. I had a delicious spicy bean burger, sweet potato fries, vegan mayo and homemade lemonade. It was lovely. I think I should re-name Friday's to sweet potato fry-days.
D - I have been too full for dinner today so I just had late night cheese and ham on toast.
S -  Some chocolate! Yum.
E - Walked around for a bit at lunch.

B -For breakfast I had a banana. I didn't take a photo though!
L - My lunch was provided today and I had a BLT sandwich, crisps, a fruit cake, chocolate and an apple.
D - For dinner I had quorn spaghetti bolognaise made by my boyfriend's mum and it was yum!
S -  A few ferrero rochers!
E - Did a long shift walking about for most of the day so I am pretty tired, I think I did about 7 miles!

B - Bacon (no fat) and scrambled eggs on toast made by my boyfriend. He knows when I'm hungry I'm grumpy so did well to keep me fed!
L -  Again, my boyfriend made lunch and we had pasta with spring onions, tomatoes, cheese and a bit of mayo.
D - Veggie burger and lots of salad.
S -  I didn't really snack today as I was fed and watered on time haha.
E - Did some shopping and walked about but nothing strenuous.

B - Banana before the gym and a chewy bar, a nak'd bar, an apple and a coffee afterwards.
L - Mushy Pea sweet potato curry and rice - yum!
D - Burger in a bowl with home cooked wedges. Basically mince, onions, salad and burger sauce.
S -  A couple of rice crispie chocolate bites.
E - Gym Session. I did 45 minutes walk/run on the treadmill, Chest Press 30lb x 3 sets of 10, Lat Pull 40lb x 4 sets of 10. Walking around on my lunch break.

B - Marmite on toast in the car, I was in a rush!
L - Stir fry veg with noodles and an oyster sauce. I've batch cooked this so expect to see it a lot next week!
D - Jacket potato with cheese and 'pizza topped chicken'.
S -  An apple, some dark chocolate buttons and some walnuts.. and Starburst.
E - Walked around at lunch.

Total weight loss this week: +1lb.
But I'm still posting this!


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  1. Mmmm! tuesday looked delish! I love a good stir fry :) keep up the great work x

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