Thursday 22 January 2015

Weekly Weigh in and Food diary - Week 2

I've had a crazy busy week this week with 3 meals out! I am pretty sure I picked the wrong month to start a diet haha. I expect next week will be slightly better as I am a lot less busy on the social front. For those interested, here is a breakdown of my weekly food! Enjoy.

B - I had bran flakes with semi-skimmed milk and an apple for a snack.
L - Leftover Tuna Pasta Bake.
D - I had sausages, egg, beans, mushrooms, home cooked wedges and bacon with the fat removed.
S -  I snacked on a banana and some chocolate.
E - I walked around at lunch, I was due to go to the gym but I changed my days about.

B - Porridge Oats, semi-skimmed milk, an apple, and a pinch of chia seeds.
L -  We went out for lunch at work today and I went for Sausage and Mash with gravy and peas.
D - Chicken Fajitas without the wraps with home cooked wedges, rice, kidney beans, peppers and a salad.
S -  I had some starburst and a few biscuits as it was someone's birthday at work and I would hate to deprive myself!
E - Walking around at work.

B - Chewy bar, an apple and a coffee. Also a banana before the gym.
L -  Out for lunch again today! what a busy week. We went to Ed's Diner and lets be honest who wants to go to an American themed diner and have just a salad? Not me! I went for a skinny burger (no bread) which was topped with cheese, salsa and sour cream with a side salad and some sweet potato fries.
D - We got a Chinese takeaway tonight, I decided to go for boiled rice and Chicken in Oyster sauce and chips, I've eaten a bit too much today I think!
S -  No room for snacks!
E - Gym! 20 minutes walk/run on the treadmill, 20 minutes cross trainer, Leg press 10 reps x 4 sets 75lbs, Hip Adduction and Abduction 10 reps x 8 sets 55lb. 20 minute walk at lunch.

B -For breakfast I had baked beans, egg, tomatoes and lean bacon.
L - My breakfast was actually at 12pm so I didn't have a lunch! The joys of waking up late.
D - For dinner I made home-made burgers with a babybel in the middle. They were LOVELY. I made these with home cooked chips and salad!
S -  A few ferrero rochers!
E - None...!

B - Beans and cheese on toast with scrambled egg, bacon (no fat) and rocket.
L -  Again, I had a late breakfast so I didn't have a specified lunch.
D - Roast chicken dinner.
S -  Sweets! Sweet Sunday?! Haha.
E - Went to the allotment today and did a bit of gardening.

B - Banana before the gym and some Weetabix Muffins with Nutella and an apple.
L - Mushy Pea chicken curry and rice. It tastes better than it sounds.. honest!
D - Mince meatballs with pasta and a sauce made from onions mushrooms and tomatoes.
S -  A couple of rice crispie chocolate bites.
E - Gym Session. I did 20 minutes walk/run on the treadmill, 10 minutes cross trainer, 20 minutes spinning (10km) Chest Press 30lb x 3 sets of 10, Lat Pull 40lb x 3 sets of 10 and Ab Crunches 45lbs x 3 sets of 10. Walking around on my lunch break.

B - A Cheese roll (not pictured), a cup of coffee, an apple and a gingerbread nak'd bar.
L -  Mushy pea chicken curry again. I love this. 
D - Quorn Sausages, Mash and vegetables.
S -  Some chocolate bites.
E - None. 

Total weight loss this week: +0.5lbs

Again, I know I eat a lot but I like to have a small treat every day. I never deprive myself if I fancy something, and I don't usually go out for 3 meals in one week so I've had a bit of a crazy week so didn't expect to lose anything!

Here's to a better week :).



  1. Love these weekly weigh in's! you are going to be so proud looking back and noticing how far you've come! your food looks delish! I did a What I Ate Wednesday Post Yday if your interested!

    NEW POST Jennos Health.

  2. Hiya! I absolutely love these posts Christie keep them going! It's nice to see someone eating normal food & not depriving themselves from anything!
    I've nominated you for an award & really look forward to reading your answers :) I've also written why I like your blog!
    Jade | Design Dinner Dogs x

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