Wednesday 22 October 2014

Halloween 'Ghostly' Pizza!

I saw these 'ghostly' pizzas in the most recent Tesco magazine and thought they looked so good! I really wanted to make them, but I'm not a fan of olives so I thought I would take my own spin on it. These are SO easy and can be served up for children on Halloween or placed on the table for a party.

Tesco Haunted Pizza

I started off with a ready made pizza base which I spread tomato and basil passata on top of. You can then of course add whatever toppings you like. It's all about the cheese with these! I added peppers and tomatoes to mine.

Home made pizzas

Home made pizzas

The key to these is to make the cheese into the shape of ghosts. This may have worked a lot better with a ball of mozzarella but I only had grated so this proved challenging! 

Haunted Pizza

 When the ghosts 'melted' in the oven, I used a knife just to tidy up the edges and I think they came out quite well. I used a bit of brown sauce for the face.

Haunted Pizza Halloween Party

Haunted Pizza Halloween Party

 These tasted lovely as well. You could even make mini ghosts on top of mini pizzas for snacks. What a fun Halloween snack!



  1. This is so creative! Also looks very yummy.

    Style Storms

  2. I love this! such creative food ideas!


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