Wednesday, 15 March 2017

My Little No Filter Box

I was really happy to see My Little Box come through the door this month and to my surprise, the items were packaged in a #NoFilter cosmetic bag instead. This will really come in handy for holidays to store make-up and toiletries in. It’s a plastic material too which is really easy to clean and came packed with some excellent goodies this month. I especially like that every month we receive a card print, these would be great for building up a gallery wall. This month’s quote was “You were born to be real, not to be perfect” which I think is a really nice phrase.

We received a perfume sample this month, Deep Euphoria by Calvin Klein. We received a mini roll on which is easy to apply and small enough to pop in your handbag. It has a lovely floral scent with light top notes of lilac. The lasting power is great too and doesn’t need topping up too much throughout the day. The full sized 30ml bottle costs £34 which I think is quite reasonable and something I would definitely consider purchasing.

I was really impressed to see a familiar brand in ‘Laura Mercier’ with the blemish-less foundation primer which retails at £30. This product claims to make pores disappear, evens out skin tone, brightens and offers coverage all at once. The texture is smooth and creamy and this applies to the skin really nicely. It did a good job of keeping my make-up all in one place so I can’t really ask for much more! I don’t think I would spend this much on a primer personally but I will enjoy using this item.

One of the My Little Beauty items was this lovely nude nail varnish. One coat is enough just to brighten your nails in a natural way or you can build this up if required. It is a nice pale colour, dries quickly and doesn’t chip right away so what more could you want?

I love the My Little Beauty Selfie Foundation Brush. This brush is the ideal size just to pop in your handbag or makeup bag. It works well with liquids, loose powders, compacts and cream brushes. It’s super soft on the skin and easy to grip and hold. A good all-rounder if you ask me.

It was interesting to see this Beauty Notebook this month. At the front of the book is some make-up tips, how to create a natural look and some other top tips. There are plenty of lined pages at the back for notes and the pages at the front can be torn out if you don’t want them in there. I am not yet sure what I will use this for but I am sure I will find a home for it.

The lifestyle item this month was a Smartphone Ring. I really like this! You can use it as a mini tripod to prop your phone up or use it to take selfies without fear of dropping your phone. I really like it and when I get a new phone I would love to get another one. I need to see if this is something you can buy?!

Overall another great box.. or should I say bag? What do you think?



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