Sunday 3 June 2018

Twenty Eight

It’s my birthday today and I just wanted to reflect on a few things. I’ve officially lived an entire decade as an adult. That’s over 10 years of being able to drink and drive (not at the same time of course!) I cannot believe where the last 10 years have gone, and the fact that in another 10 years I will nearly be 40. Where does time go?!

I still remember my 18th birthday quite well. I remember going into the city to buy an 18 DVD, and I didn’t even get asked for ID. I had pizza hut, but I’m not sure I had any alcoholic drinks. I was in sixth form at the time and earned a part time wage, yet seemed to have so much more money than I do now – funny that! My weekends when I turned 18 were all about going to The Waterfront, Norwegian Blues and Lloyds. It was the place to be at the time. I remember having a house party and then spending a lot of time at other house parties as not quite everyone was 18. It was all about getting insanely drunk on cheap alcopops and then walking home or crashing out on a sofa. Those days seem like a lifetime ago. We’ve all grown up, moved on. We have our own lives and pets and homes. People are married, some with children and we no longer spend all of our money on VKs and sweet and sour chicken balls (most of the time).

I went out a lot during my 18th year. I dread to think how much money I spent on alcohol, taxis, gig tickets and cheesy chips. I went to gig after gig at the UEA, every week including bands like Go:Audio, Funeral for a Friend, Enter Shikari and The Gallows all in 2008. I got my first car, a Peugeot 106 and have had 4 more cars since.

28 for me is the age I get married. The year I become a wife. I leave behind 27 and 2007, the year I  went to New York, got engaged and started to make my house a home. An amazing year with its highs and extreme lows. I think 28 will top 27, I don’t know why – I can just feel it. I have big things planned for this year, and I can’t wait to fully enjoy the remaining years of my 20’s. The best days are still to come.

Here’s to 28! Cheers.


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