Monday 4 December 2017

Jim Chapman's "147 Things" Book Review*

When it comes to YouTubers releasing books, I am never that interested unless the person is local or I feel that I will really benefit from the book. When I was offered the chance to review Jim Chapman’s new book, ‘147 things’, I knew it was one that I genuinely would have been interested in. Being from Norwich, I used to see Jim in the city all the time before his YouTube career really kicked off. I think this is why I find him quite relatable, as once he was just like me. Wandering around the city vlogging and not many people knew who he was. I even got a selfie with Jim back in the day!

The book arrived in hardback and is a pretty good size. I also got some postcards included, not sure if this is something that comes with all of the books or only online orders but I thought they were a nice touch.

Jim’s book is all about 147 things that have helped him through life. No subject is off limits, there are embarrassing stories and personal things that you would not expect to read in any other book, but for Jim – it works!

I think this would make a great Christmas gift for those who love Youtubers and anyone who generally likes something funny to read. Have you picked up this book? What do you think? Buy it from Waterstones here.

*PR Post.

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