Thursday 10 August 2017

Pulsin Snack Bar Brownies Review*

I’m always looking for new and healthy snacks so when I heard about Pulsin snack bars, I knew I needed to try them. Pulsin make natural protein bars, protein powders and healthy treats. I was lucky enough to receive a range of Pulsin raw choc brownies.

Firstly I noticed the packaging, I thought it was bright and eye catching. As part of its 10th anniversary, Pulsin re-branded all of its snack bars, brownies and protein bars and I think they did a great job. They use minimal packaging and their business is powered with 100% renewable energy! I received a few different flavours to try. One thing I can say is that they all tasted really good. Although you can tell they’re healthier than having a regular brownie you do still get the full flavours. These are packed with raw cacao and really satisfied my cravings for a chocolate fix without indulging in a ton of calories.

Pulsin products are 100% natural, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. They are low in sugar and contain no artificial colours, additives or GM ingredients. There is also a range of vegan, dairy-free, organic, soya free and paleo products so there really is something for everyone and they’re good for all of the family. The products aim to give you a sustained energy release, strengthen your immune system and make you feel fuller for longer.

I would have to say my favourite bar was the Peanut Choc Chip Raw Brownie. This had a nutty taste with a hint of chocolate but it wasn’t too bitter. It was so flavoursome, I actually ate mine in place of having a high calorie dessert and I didn’t feel deprived in the slightest. It was nice snacking knowing I was eating a blend of magnesium, fibre, vitamins and minerals. You can buy a case of 9 for £13.59.

View the whole range at Pulsin. What do you think of these?

*I received these items free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way

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