Wednesday 19 April 2017

Fresh Ground Coffee feat. The Coffee Mate*

There is no better feeling than settling down with a hot cup of coffee (and possibly a slice of cake too) on a Sunday morning. What makes the experience even better is when the coffee is fresh so when I was approached by The Coffee Mate to try some of their coffee beans and manual grinder I jumped at the chance to improve my coffee experience. 

At The Coffee Mate, they select only high-quality coffee for their clients. They then started to roast some of their own beans in order to create an impeccable cup. I was very kindly sent Coffee Mate's Beans Kivu and a Hand Coffee Grinder

The Kivu Beans retail at £26.00 for a 1kg bag. When I opened these I was greeted by that familiar coffee house scent, it was delicious. This coffee is grown in the valley of Virunga towards the north of the Lake Kivu, hence the name. When roasted and prepared these coffee beans reveal a taste of sweet driued fruits and marzipan with a black chocolate aftertaste. I think this coffee would be perfect for an expresso but equally as tasty with milk as well. The flavours are rich but not too strong and it was an absolute pleasure drinking this coffee. There are no added flavours and you can rest assured that these coffee beans are 100% original and natural.

I would not have been able to prepare my coffee beans without the Hand Coffee Grinder, which costs £42 on The Coffee Mate website. This little gadget was a life saver when it came to preparing my beans. It is so simple to use, I simply popped my beans into the grinder, chose which level I wanted them to be ground to and then I wound the handle until the beans were down to granules. The design is modern and the grinder fits in perfectly with my kitchen and would suit all decors. 

Being able to enjoy fresh coffee from fresh ground beans from the comfort of my own home was somewhat of a luxury experience for me. Guests complimented the delicious flavours of the coffee stating it was like something they've only ever experienced in specialist coffee shops. 

If you’re a coffee lover and would like to try some fresh high-quality coffee then I can really recommend The Coffee Mate, there are so many different brands and flavours to choose from.

*I received these items free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way. 

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