Monday 6 March 2017

What's in my Flight Travel bag?

I don’t go on holiday for a little while yet but I still like to make sure my travel bag is packed and ready to go. When I talk about my travel bag I am referring to the bag that I take with me on the aeroplane. When I go long haul I pack more than I would on a short flight as I like to make sure I have everything with me. My bag is the MAHI Leather Galley Bag in Navy Blue which is a great size for all of my flight needs. I have even had my initials sewn onto it which makes it so unique and personal to me. I really am in love with this bag and you can read more about the brand MAHI here.

The first thing I have in my bag is my camera and my lenses. I do not want to put them in my suitcase in case they are broken so along they come with me on the aeroplane. I will also have my phone with me, my charger and a travel plug so I do not have to root around for it when we get to our hotel. I also carry my Beats headphones for the plane as I prefer to use these rather than the ones that they give you.

Of course I have my passport with me at all times, but I also have with me my flight details, accommodation details, itinerary, insurance documents, directions, maps and a notepad and pens. I will be blogging about each day so I want to make plenty of notes along the way. My purse also comes along with another form of ID and some small notes for tipping at the other end. I also borrowed a couple of guide books from a colleague at work so I popped those in for some in flight reading/planning. Speaking of reading material, you will usually find a magazine or book thrown in there too, for when I get bored waiting around!

Clothing & Cosmetics
I always take a nice comfy pair of socks on the plane with me as sometimes it can get cold. I will also throw a scarf in there too as I have no idea what the temperature will be like when I arrive at my destination. I have been known to bring an eye mask too if I want to sleep but more often than not these are supplied on longer flights and I am usually too excited anyway.

I am not one for taking much in the means of makeup on the plane, mainly because I am too lazy to decant it all into small pots and place it in a see-through bag but you will usually find Travel sickness tablets and tissues in my bag – essentials! I also bring along some Vaseline for chapped lips and some anti-bacterial gel because you never know what germs you are going to encounter on an aeroplane and at the airport.

What are your travel and flight essentials?


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