Wednesday 1 February 2017

Primark PS Pro Oval Brush Review

I cannot tell you how excited I was to finally see these in my local Primark after convincing myself that they were all just a rumour. I even traipsed all the way to the London Primark thinking they would have them there but with no luck. Finally after months of searching, I saw the Oval Brushes in my own branch and had to snap them up. I decided to buy one of each size, for fear that they may go out of stock and disappear again. I got the Primark PS Pro Large Blending Brush for £4, PS Pro Medium Blending Brush for £3, and the PS Pro Small Blending Brush for £2.50.

Primark have well and truly upped their game when it comes to their beauty items. I even noticed acrylic storage now available – gone are the days of ordering it all from Muji! These PS Pro brushes are the perfect dupe for the much loved high end Artis brushes, and a lot more affordable. I have been after an Oval brush ever since I saw Kylie Jenner using them to apply her moisturiser but no way was I going to spend more than £40 on one brush.

These brushes are synthetic but the hairs feel very soft and work wonders when buffing products into the skin. I now pump my foundation directly onto the brush and I am amazed at how flawless my make-up looks. The brushes give an airbrushed finish. I love that Primark do different sizes and they are great for different areas on the face. I find the small brush perfect for getting around the nose and into smaller areas. It is also perfect for blending out that eyeshadow.

The brushes so far feel sturdy and when washed they do retain their shape. I recommend drying them bristle side down to avoid the glue getting wet and weakening. Even if one of these was to break, I think for £4 for the most expensive brush it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Overall I am really happy with these brushes and how good the quality is. My make-up now looks flawless and is so quick to apply. Such an affordable high street dupe!

Have you tried an Oval brush? What do you think?


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