Monday 3 October 2016

My Purrfect Gift Box Review - September*

My Purrfect Gift Box  is my favourite cat subscription box out there and it seems to get better and better every month. This month’s theme was absolutely spot on and being all about tea, one of my favourite things in life, I was extremely pleased with the box. There seemed to be so many items in this month’s box and each and every one of them is something I (or Biscuit) will use. When you buy this box a portion of the subscription costs goes to support UK cat charities, rescue centres and animal shelters. So while you are giving to yourself, know you are giving to the cats that need us across the UK.

These handmade catnip sweets are from Tillypops, who also made Biscuit’s spotted blanket from a previous box. I think they are absolutely adorable and even come in a candy striped pick n mix style bag. Biscuit loved playing with these, he could smell the catnip right away! Available on their website.

Biscuit’s favourite item from these gift boxes so far has been his catnip fish from FreakMEOWt so when I saw another product from them in my box I knew this was going to be a winner, and I wasn’t wrong. This ‘teabag’ is infused with catnip and Biscuit loved it. I’ve been looking on their twitter page and I think they’re bringing out Christmas cat treats so I’ll definitely be picking one of those up for Biscuit this year.

I was intrigued when I saw this Kit-Tea catnip tea but thankfully it is for cats and not humans! These catnip teabags from Paw and Gnaw can be brewed and then used to make your own catnip sprays. You can also serve this in a bowl for your cat. I haven’t tried this yet as Biscuit has plenty of catnip goodies to play with but I will definitely be brewing this up and giving his toys a spray when the effects start to wear off. These teabags can even be dried out and reused – brilliant!

This mug is a My Purrfect Gift Box exclusive and comes adorned with the text “You are my cup of tea” and a cute little cat! This little cat will brighten any dreary morning, stick the kettle on and relax with your favourite brew. This mug retails at £11.99 and can be found on the online shop.

This has to be the most adorable item I have ever received! These handmade hanging cat tea bag holders fit right on the edge of your mug and can keep your teabag string in place. I love that I received a little ginger one, just like Biscuit! These retail for £9.50 and can be bought on Etsy shop MiniHandsCrafts.

These Cat head Shaped Tea bags have been made by LoJim in Spain and retail at £5.99 in her Etsy store. I received a honey tea and a saffron tea and admittedly I have already drank both mugs. The flavours are lovely and warming and teamed with the hanging cat, my mug and a biscuit made the perfect treat.

This gorgeous scented melt from Paw Melts is handmade and uses only natural and organic ingredients. The paw shape is said to symbolise the bond between owner and pet – how sweet! These retail at £18.50 for 9 and smell amazing. It also came in the most amazing packaging! I think these would make a great gift for any pet owner.

When I saw these Biscuits in my box I thought they were the most adorable things ever and I didn’t want to eat them! Of course for the purposes of a review I had to try them out and they were absolutely delicious. I think they’d make such a lovely gift for someone, I wish I was skilled enough to make something like these. These biscuits are made here in the UK by Nila Holden and you can find these cute biscuits and more on Not On The High Street retailing at around £6-10.

Thank you so much My Purrfect Gift Box for another amazing box. I think this has been my favourite one yet. If you’d like to sign up for your own box, head over to the My Purrfect Gift Box website or head to their shop for the chance to buy some of the items featured in this box and previous boxes. I think some of these gifts would make perfect stocking fillers and it’s never too early to start buying those!

*I received this box free of charge. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way.

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