Tuesday 19 April 2016

National Pet Month - Spoling my Cat*

Many of us have pets and if you’re like me then you like to spoil them every now and again. It can often be hard to put aside some money to treat your pets with all the other financial commitments you may have. I am currently house hunting so all of my extra pennies are going towards saving to move at the moment. I was challenged to take part in a campaign by Ocean Loans to celebrate National Pet Month and to treat my pet without worrying about my finances. I think it is fantastic to know if I ever need money in the future then I can turn to Ocean Loans to borrow some much needed cash.

National Pet Month runs from 1st April until 2nd May 2016 and I couldn’t wait to treat Biscuit my cat to some well-deserved goodies! One thing I have always wanted to get Biscuit is a cat bed. He either sleeps on a chair or on my bed but I would love him to have his own dedicated sleeping space, especially when we move out. I ordered a bed from Amazon for £11.50 + p+p in the colour grey which will go with our d├ęcor when we move. Biscuit has never had a bed before so I was unsure on how he would take to it but he seems to love it! It’s so soft and the sides fold down easily which allows chubby Biscuit to sit in it however he likes. I did have to encourage him to use it with a bit of Catnip Spray which cost £4.11 + p+p.

I also picked up some treats. Biscuit isn’t fussy and doesn’t mind if he eats supermarket branded treats or well-known brands. I got a selection from Wilko and so far Biscuit has enjoyed everything he has tried!

The final item I got Biscuit was a subscription box from the company Purrfect Box. It’s essentially a Glossybox for cats! Each month you receive a box packed with treats and toys for your cat. It was a complete surprise what was in the box and it was almost like Christmas opening it! It costs £19.90 per month but you can get a cheaper subscription if you commit to a few months upfront. The box contained over £35 worth of items so was definitely worth it. We received some cat treats, sticks, a toy snake, some toy mice, a catnip cushion and a food/water dispenser.. phew! We will definitely get full use out of all this! If you’d like to sign up to Purrfect Box – use code spnkfv6g for £5 off!

Biscuit has well and truly been spoiled all in aid of National Pet Month! So thank you Ocean Loans for allowing me to treat him without worrying about the costs!

*Written in collaboration with Ocean Loans All opinions are my own.

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