Monday 29 February 2016

Healthy Happy Pets - Feat.*

For those of us that have a furry friend in our lives, you will know how important it is to look after them and you’ll want to provide them with the best care that you can. I have a few furry friends that I am going to introduce you to in this post and I was very kindly sent some food for them from is a nationwide home delivery subscription service for pet food. All of the staff are pet owners so really understand the needs of us per parents. Their website stocks over 10000 products and all major brands of pet food and supplies. They offer a service called ‘Bottomless Bowl’ to ensure you never run out of pet food. This is a service that auto-reorders your pet food as often as you choose and enables you to pick a schedule that suits your pet.

The first item I was sent was the Huntland Adult Grazing British Lamb Grain Free Dog Food which I tried with my dogs Buster and Ruby. Buster is a small black cross breed between a Scottie dog, Lhasa Apso and a Yorkshire Terrier – a right mix! Ruby is a cross between a West Highland Terrier and a Jack Russell. The Huntland Grain Free Dog Food is 100% natural and contains 50% meat or fish, 50% vegetables, fruits and herbs. I received the lamb flavour which contains 50% lamb. The food is made in the UK using freshly prepared lamb, dried lamb and lamb stock from sustainable sources. This food is the perfect complete and balanced diet for all adult dogs and has even been tested on fussy dogs who loved it! Buster will eat anything but Ruby is known to be fussy with her foods so I was interested in trying this out with her. After following the packaging feeding guidelines, I served this up to both of my dogs who ate it all up. The dry food is made into small round and when the dog bites and chews to eat; the biscuits help to clean the teeth and remove tartar! Great news for my smelly-breathed mutts! Overall I think they really enjoyed eating this and eagerly awaited their next meal. It’s good to know they are getting wholesome, healthy foods too.

The next item I received was the Canagan Scottish Salmon Dry Cat Food  for Biscuit, my fluffy ginger cat. Biscuit is very spoiled and usually only likes the best, most expensive food which is typical really. He is on the other hand very open to trying new foods so when I popped some of the food into his bowl, his head was straight in there. This Canagan dry cat food is a grain-free, all-natural food, made with fresh meat and vegetables, which benefit your cat in every way.  The smell was very fishy and I knew Biscuit would love this as he is always under my feet when I open a can of tuna. The high quality ingredients mean this food is easily digestible and boosts your cats immune system. I can’t believe it contains over 75% fish! Biscuit loved his Canagan cat food, I’m tempted to set him up for the bottomless bowl subscription when I move out and take him with me.

The final pet food item I got was the Burgess Excel Small Animal Chamomile Herbage for Mr. Bunny the rabbit. He is also fussy and mainly eats nuggets. He doesn’t like muesli or anything with bits. This product is made from Timothy Hay and contains chamomile, and is something Mr Bunny has never tried before. Timothy Hay is an excellent source of fibre and helps maintain dental health and chamomile is known for its calming properties. This product was brilliant in getting Mr Bunny back in his hutch. He usually requires a carrot to get him inside every night and won’t accept anything less but this herbage seemed to have done the trick. He is one happy bunny!

Overall, I have 4 very happy and spoiled pets getting to try out a new range of food. I received an excellent service from and urge you to check them out if you have pets and regularly buy food. Delivery is free on all orders over £19.99 and the food is delivered straight to your door. Prices are very competitive and always offer the lowest prices possible. Visit today and stock up on food for your fur babies for great prices.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my pets! Let me know what pets you have in the comments.

*I received these pet food goodies from free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way. 

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