Tuesday 3 November 2015

Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve

On my recent trip to Lincolnshire, we took a visit to the Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve. We didn't really know much about what was here but after a quick Google search we quickly discovered that Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve was a must visit destination for bird lovers. We thought it would be a good place for a nice walk to kill a few hours.

We didn't see many birds at all, but did see lots of bees and lots of beautiful flowers. There were also some cows grazing on one of the grass areas, but I was scared to take a photo.

We walked as far as we could before reaching an area of water that we couldn't cross. I think in total we walked around 4 miles. There wasn't really a dedicated path, we sort of just went as far out as we could go then came back again.

Away from the hustle and bustle of Skegness, I cannot even begin to explain how peaceful it is here. Not only did we barely see any one else, it is so quiet with only the sounds of nature and the sea. We found a lovely spot on the dunes and just sat and watched and listened to the waves. I felt so relaxed.

The car park was only £3 for the day which is very reasonable. We spent around 2-3 hours here.

My boyfriend James took the opportunity to teach me some camera skills. I took a really boring photo of the plants below, and he showed me how to make it look more interesting by leaning right down and focusing on the flowers at the front and letting the rest of the shot blur. I really like how it came out, it looks much better than the flat photo that I took previously. 

Have you ever been here? I also vlogged my day if you're interested.


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