Sunday 4 October 2015

A Day out in Lincoln

I recently visited Wrangle which is about 40 miles from Lincoln. I've always wanted to visit Lincoln and took the opportunity for a day trip when I was in the area.

James and I had a few ideas on what we wanted to do. We parked right near Lincoln Castle at the top of the hill and paid just over £7 for all day parking. This seemed pretty standard for most of the car parks in the area.

Lincoln Cathedral
Lincoln Cathedral

We then decided to go straight to the Cathedral. We bought a joint ticket for £16 each which allowed us entry to the Cathedral and the Castle and then re-entry any time within the next 6 months. This was handy because we then came back and gave the tickets to my dad and step-mum who could then visit the attractions the next day at no cost. The Cathedral was huge, in fact it is the third largest in Britain (in floor space) after St Paul's and York Minster which I hope to visit in November.

Lincon Castle

After visiting the Cathedral we headed to the Castle. I was a bit unimpressed, it was basically a wall surrounding some buildings. I’m from Norwich and our castle is huge so I did expect a bit more! We walked around the top and I started to feel a bit queasy. I’m usually not too bad with heights but a mixture of being nervous and really hungry made me feel a bit sick. We then looked around the old prison area.

The afternoon arrived and it was time for lunch. We had heard about ‘Steep Hill’ and went to look for a nice place to eat along there. The first place we noticed was ‘Bunty’s’. I had looked them up before but assumed they were closed because the website said they aren’t open on Wednesday’s but to my surprise they were open! We did speak to someone in there who said they are now open Wednesdays so I assume they just need to update the website. We were sat down in Bunty’s which was a lovely little tea shop. We decided to go for afternoon tea which was reasonably priced at £22 for the two of us.

Bunty's Tea Room Lincoln

We had the choice of 2 sandwich fillings, 2 cakes, 2 plain or fruit scones and a pot of tea. We had tuna and coronation chicken sandwiches which were really nice and packed with filling. We then both had raspberry and white chocolate cake and plain scones. James couldn’t eat all of his cake but they very kindly boxed it up for him to take home. I felt so much better after eating so we continued to walk down the Steep Hill to the main centre. There was a lovely looking fudge shop that I wish I had bought from and lots of little boutique style shops along the way.

Bunty's Tea Room Lincoln

Bunty's Tea Room Lincoln

We did a bit of window shopping, but most of the shops here we have in Norwich so I didn’t spend too long browsing. After a while we decided we had seen everything we wanted to see and headed back up Steep Hill. This hill really was steep and I took my time walking up it. When we finally got to the top and back to the car I was worn out, we had walked around 7 miles and I was definitely looking forward to resting my legs on the drive home.

I had a great day out in Lincoln and would love to go back one day and spend a bit more time looking at the Roman trails and sampling more cakes!

I vlogged my day in Lincoln if you would like to check it out.

Have you ever been to Lincoln?


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