Thursday 25 December 2014

10 Christmas Eve Traditions I ALWAYS take part in.

 I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love Christmas and everything about it including the build-up, the decorations, the food, the music – I love it!

There are certain traditions that we follow in our household and at work on Christmas eve and I can’t imagine a Christmas Eve without these!

1. I always wear something cheesy Christmas Eve whether it be a Christmas jumper or Christmas pyjamas in the evening.. or both! This year was no exception, and the jumper came out in full force!

Primark Christmas Jumper

2. The drive to work usually consists of the cheesiest Christmas music I can find. This CD set is brilliant, full blast for a full half an hour. There’s nothing cheesier.

Christmas Hits CD

3.  As I usually go to work Christmas Eve, myself and my colleagues all club together and put a few £’s in to get some festive food and I basically spend the whole morning munching away. Christmas calories don’t count right?

4. When I get home we ALWAYS watch The Snowman. I actually don’t like this film so usually pretend to be busy until it’s over. Works every time.

The Snowman DVD

5. Whilst all the festive fun is happening around the house, we always track Santa using the NORAD tracker and have been ever since my sister was younger (she’s 11 now, but for me the novelty hasn’t worn off!) . It’s good to know where he is so I know when to go to bed of course!

6. For tea on Christmas eve, it is absolute standard to have a take-away. I ALWAYS go for pizza. I probably only have a proper take-away greasy pizza once or twice a year so I savour every bite. I also go for cheesy chips too for good measure – because clearly I haven’t eaten a lot today.

7. On Christmas Eve I always light my Christmas Eve Yankee Candle. It just really relaxes me and gets me feeling festive and excited for tomorrow!

Christmas Eve Yankee Candle

8. I hang my stocking just before bed, I hope I get a stocking until I’m old and grey! I've had this one for YEARS. In the morning it’s always filled with goodies and absolute essentials (like face wipes, you can’t have enough of those bad boys!)

Christmas Stocking

9. I tend to pile my Christmas presents in one neat pile so that in the morning I know where everything is and nothing gets lost in the piles of wrapping paper. I also make sure all the presents I have bought for my family are under the tree and not forgotten about in my secret present hiding area (no mum, I’m not telling you where that is).

10. I always end the night in fresh bedding. You can’t beat fresh sheets, and I always sleep better when everything is tidy. My cat loves fresh sheets too it seems..  

 Christmas Bedding

So that’s everything! I am well and truly in the festive spirit now and ready for the next few days celebrating!

What are your Christmas eve traditions?

 I hope you all have a lovely Christmas!


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  1. I have a 7 year old brother who still believes in Christmas so it makes it extra special. Every Christmas eve we get brand new PJ's from the Elves which is so cute!!

    x x | daisydaisyxxo


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