Monday 18 August 2014

Day out in Cambridge.

A few months ago now, me and my boyfriend visited Cambridge for a couple of days. I’ve been a few times before for various reasons but never for a day out. We started the day in the centre of Cambridge, and had a nice walk around the town and a picnic by a river. If the weather was nicer we would have perhaps went punting but it was freezing and not many people were on the river. We then visited the Cambridge Botanical Gardens and had a walk around. It was really pretty and I got some lovely photos.

We then stayed over the night, and had a meal in one of the shopping centres at a Bella Italia which was nice. The next day we headed to Shepreth Wildlife Park which was a short drive away. It was a small zoo and they didn’t have loads of animals so we managed to make our way round quite quickly. The weather wasn’t the nicest either so a lot of the animals were tucked away. I would like to visit Cambridge again in the summer months and perhaps take advantage of the more touristy things, so that’s something I hope to do in the future!


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