Friday 13 July 2012

Review: ‘She Said’ Beauty Box

I recently cancelled my Jolie Box subscription due to poor customer service and the fact I wasn’t really enjoying the products anymore and decided to fill that hole with the She Said Beauty Box. Upon first impressions I was very excited having seen what other people had received. I must admit I have seen better variations of this box, and there are some things I would have preferred over others but generally I am pretty happy and will be keeping my subscription.

This months box was packed with summer essentials, perfect for your hand luggage if you’re going on holiday.
Anyway, I’ve had a chance to try out the products, and this is what I thought!

The box came wrapped up neatly, however I have unfortunately torn it apart. I think the colour is lovely!

Eden Natural Nail Polish Remover (Full Size £12)
The first thing I liked about this was that it was in a glass bottle. As this is remover is non-toxic and made of plant-based ingredients I didn’t think this would be very good at taking off my nail varnish,  however it did work really well. It had a slight lime scent to it. The only problem is being sample sized, I only had enough to do one hand and it did leave my cuticles feeling a bit oily so I needed to wash my hands afterwards. Not something I would purchase but I would re-use this product.

Freeze 24/7 IceCrystals Anti-Aging Prep & Polish (Full Size £35)
The product claims to improve circulation and help the production of elastin and collagen and can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots and enlarged pores. This product was amazing. I don’t have aging skin so was a bit skeptical about how well this would work for me, but I definitely noticed results straight away. My skin was smooth and even and felt rejuvenated. If it wasn’t so expensive I think I would purchase the full size.

LaylaD Natural Beauty Honey Moisturiser (Full Size £12.99)
This organic moisturiser aims to heal and nourish your skin. The honey smell is pleasing and the formular is creamy and smooth. I admittedly have only used this once as I don’t think it does anything extra compared to what my Liz Earle moisturiser does, however this a perfect to take on holiday or pop in your bag when your skin just needs a quick refresher.

Miners Cosmetics Love Phat Liner (Full Size £3.99)
Absolutely loved this eyeliner and would say it was probably my favourite item in the whole box. This pencil is perfect for creating a smokey eye as it smudges really well, but also lasts all day on the waterline too making it multi-functional. The colour is a deep black and I cannot fault it. My only problem is that it may not be the easiest of things to sharpen when it starts to get blunt.

Murad Time Release Blemish Cleanser (Full Size £5.50)
I personally don’t get that many breakouts but I thought I would give this product a try anyway and I am glad I did. This is a great cleanser and makes my skin feel really clean. Since using it I haven’t had any new blemishes, however I have not noticed any reduction of fine lines and wrinkles that it claims to be able to do. I would buy this product, and when it runs out I may purchase the full size.

Stylfile S-File (Full Size £4.49)
Created by Tom Pellerau from The Apprentice I had seen this product in Boots and online and was curious to try it. The S-Shape of the file follows the natural shape of your nail to give a professional smooth finish across the surface. I think it works well, however I wouldn’t have personally gone out of my way to buy this product, as I think it is slightly overrated, and doesn’t do anything a normal nail file wouldn’t do. It does make the filing time a bit quicker as you can do the whole nail at once rather than having to angle a flat file, and that is my favourite thing about this product. Perfect for your handbag.

Are you a subscriber to the She Said Beauty Box? What did you think?
If you would like to find out more information about the box, or sign up, please click the link below.

 She Said Beauty


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